Kylie Jenner Straddles Shirtless Jaden Smith in Controversial Pictures: Massages Jaden's Back

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First it was Will Smith's thirteen-year-old daughter, Willow Smith, that stirred controversy by posing in a racy bedroom picture with a topless Disney star and now her brother Jaden Smith is following her sister's footsteps. Jaden, who has been famously linked to Kylie Jenner since quite some time now, was seen in a shirtless picture with Kylie.

The two seemed to be quite intimate with each other and Kylie was seen hugging Jaden from behind. The teenagers have long been denying their relationship saying its nothing more than friendship but this picture suggests they are more than just friends. Kylie seems to be touching the hips of a shirtless Jaden Smith who in turn makes faces which do nothing to hide his excitement because of Kylie's touch.

Both Kylie and Jaden are 16-years-old and have ever since deleted their pictures from their Instagram account. But various Web sites like have captured the picture where Jaden is seen sitting in his Calvin Klein underwear with Kylie. In another picture, Kylie seems to be straddling Jaden as they both sit on a bed. Kylie keeps her head down and seems to be massaging Jaden's back/hips. Check out the pictures here.

It is not the first time that Kylie has stirred controversy on Instagram. The 16-year-old has been posting pictures which show a lot of skin. One look at Kylie's Instagram reveals that she is obsessed with taking selfies and loves to show off her body.

Last week, Jaden Smith's 13-year-old sister Willow Smith was seen getting cozy with "Hannah Montana" star Moises Arias, 20, causing quite a stir among her fans.

Moises is shirtless in the picture and seems to be quite close to Willow and is seen laughing while Willow is lying next to him fully clothed. It is not sure where and when was this picture taken and who took it but it was found on the Tumbr Web site and can be viewed here. Moises even shared the picture on his Instagram account but later deleted it when people in the comment section objected to it for its "perverted" nature. Read more about it here. 

Is it time for Will Smith and wife Jada Smith to step in? 

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