Kylie Jenner Shamed for Range Rover Boasts

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Kylie Jenner arrives on the red carpet to host the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) in Toronto
Kylie Jenner arrives on the red carpet to host the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) in Toronto, June 15, 2014. REUTERS/Mark Blinch REUTERS/Mark Blinch

Lucky, lucky girl. A $125,000 Mercedes SUV is said to be too cheap for Kylie Jenner. A new report that the Mercedes SUV she received for her 16th birthday last year is now replaced with a brand new Range Rover on Wednesday. All is well and good, but the information came from Kylie Jenner herself, which caused a lot of flak from Twitter users who think she's bragging and boasting.

At 17, Kylie Jenner already has a very expensive taste. Her Mercedes SUV is barely a year old and she now added an even more luxurious car model to her extravagant car collection. Kylie, who will turn 17 in less than two weeks, shared a photo of her new wheels , a Range Rover on Wednesday with the caption, "just got this little beauty." Immediately, those who were able to see this post went into a frenzy, dissing the star for being boastful on a less-than-stellar economy, Daily Star UK reports.

Her next post of "transformation to come" did nothing to drive the bashing down. Her post suggests she's going to doll out more cash to pimp her car, making it prettier than it is already. Daily Star UK reported some of the bashing that Kylie received from irate Twitter users.

One Twitter user ranted: "Kylie Jenner got a Range Rover, alright for some..." Another was completely snarky. The user said: "Kylie Jenner has a Range Rover despite never having worked a day in her life. I'll probably be able to afford one when I'm 76."

One put out his feelings by making a joke out of it.  "Kylie can afford a Range Rover and I can't even get my mum to get me a McDonald's."

Mail Online reports that Kylie Jenner should be a bit more careful with her new Range Rover. Apparently, she crashed her then spanking new Mercedes just 18 days after receiving it on her sweet 16. Her driving skills are hardly commendable. She slammed into the back of a Toyota, which then slammed into a Volkswagen SUV on August last year.

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