Kylie Jenner Says She Never Remembers A Day In Her Life Without Cameras, Lands On 'Girlfriend' Magazine Cover

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Kylie Jenner arrives on the red carpet to host the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) in Toronto
Kylie Jenner arrives on the red carpet to host the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) in Toronto, June 15, 2014. REUTERS/Mark Blinch REUTERS

Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, has landed on the cover page of Girlfriend magazine. The teenager has opened up about her life in front of cameras and the pros and cons of being born into a famous family. The 17-year-old half-sister of reality star Kim Kardashian revealed in her latest interview that though she loves being in the limelight, she hates the criticism that she gets when she goes wrong.

The younger sister of model Kendall Jenner told Girlfriend magazine in her latest interview that being a celebrity leaves her with "no room for mistakes" as even a smallest error on her part is being ridiculed at great length by the media and critics. The teenager then revealed to the magazine that she finds it hard not to get affected by all the negative comments she gets, but she feels that only people whose opinion matter to her are the members of her family.

Kylie has garnered negative criticism from media mostly because of her driving skills. In less than a month of getting her driving license last year, the teenager was involved in a car crash involving her brand new Mercedes sports car. This year, Kylie slammed her brand new Range Rover in a road accident. The teenager's super luxurious sports car was her birthday present. Apart from damaging her vehicle twice, Kylie was also issued a ticket for various other reasons including speeding and traveling with tinted glasses.

The "Keeping up with the Kardashians" star said that there was never a time in her life when she does not remember being in front of the cameras. "I do not remember a time when there were no cameras around, because we started this when I was nine, so I feel like I was born into it almost", Kylie revealed to the magazine. She also said that she is grateful for being born into a famous family and because of that she is never without friends.

"My family is so big so I always have someone to hang out with and talk to. I have a great support group and there is always someone around", she added further.

Kylie looks stunning on the cover page of the magazine's Australian edition where she is seen in her trademark turquoise blue-coloured hair. The reality star wears a baby pink coloured lipstick and has her arms crossed over breasts.

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