Kylie Jenner or Katy Perry, Who Rocked the Green Hair at Coachella?

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It was a great sunny day for everyone, including "Keeping Up with the Kardashian" star Kylie Jenner, to gather for an all-day-and-night party and music. Many celebrities hit the road and struts a pose clad in their best hippie-inspired outfits during the Coachella music festival. But two of the hottest celebrities today were spotted sharing the same dyed locks! Yes, pop star Katy Perry and the youngest Kardashian heiress Kylie had their hair styled with a slime green detail.

Perhaps Katy's new color move is not new since year after year she is fond of surprising everyone with her vibrant-colored hair. In previous years, she had her locks dyed in pink then to blue and now it's green baby! According to the "Roar" singer herself, the new color choice was her way "to freshen her look for the spring season" and that "slime green is the color she wanted for a long time," an E! News report said.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian's lil sis Kylie has shocked the crowd with her latest color redone on top of her shocker Goth-inspired clothing selection during the Californian-based music festivity. Besides coloring her hair with slime green just like Katy, the 16-year-old Jenner mixed colors with her blonde ombre locks. Celerity paparazzis couldn't agree more that the young lass' bold hair color choice looks perfect on her, according to Hollywood Life.

While a green hair may already grace her a head-turning moment, Kylie would still be making a lot of noise at the Coachella. With her sis Kendall and long-time pal Selena Gomez with her, "attention getting" will be an understatement. They were "the event queens," Huffington Post revealed. The three wore "alternative" fashion of laces, floppy hats, gigantic nose rings and sweet shades instead of wearing the usual shorts, cropped top, sunnies and floral-print inspired ensemble.

This year's Coachella event was indeed a huge success with all the A-list stars in attendance. Other celebrities who were spotted at the events are the likes of Vanessa Ann Hudgens, Kelan Lutz, Ashlee Green, Hilary Duff, Emma Roberts, and more were all flocked in the single venue. See more of the styles of Kylie Jenner in Instagram and Twitter.

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