Kyle Sandilands Turns Down ‘Modern Family’ Role [VIDEO]

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Kyle Sandilands has just turned down the role of a lifetime: a guest role in the U.S. sitcom “Modern Family.” The radio show host revealed that he was offered a chance to appear in the Australian episode of the hit series, but he turned it down because he was “too lazy” to be bothered.

The cast of the multi-award-winning comedy series are in the country for two weeks to shoot a one-off Aussie episode. Eric Stonestreet first touched down at Sydney Airport on Saturday, followed by his on-screen partner, Jess Tyler Ferguson, and their daughter Aubrey Anderson-Emmonsin on Monday. The rest of the cast are expected to follow soon.

On Monday, the outspoken DJ told co-host Jackie O in their KIIS 1065 breakfast show that he was offered an integral part in the mockumentary style series.

“I’m no actor,” he explained to Jackie after she observed that he has a script of the show with his name watermarked over it. “I never tried to do acting. I never even wanted to do TV, to tell you the truth, because they take so long.

“But I did get a call from some people, from the ‘Modern Family’ people, and said, ‘Would you consider reading for a part for the Australian episode?’”

Sandilands was hesitant, but he said yes nonetheless. But when he got the script, he saw that he was given a big part that required going to multiple locations and spending multiple days for filming.

“I just couldn’t be arsed so I just never bothered to show up. I just couldn’t be bothered.”

“What did you just do? I am baffled! Why didn’t you just try?!” a shocked Jackie asked her partner, to which Sandilands replied, “I don’t want to be an actor.”

He continued, “It was very, very flattering, and I tried... At the end of the day, I was just too lazy to do that. We didn’t even get to talk about the money. It wasn’t a money issue.

“It was a pure laziness, time-constraint situation. Otherwise, I would have done it.”

“He’s crazy, people, he’s crazy!” Jackie told their listeners. “I think he has made his biggest mistake ever.”

The cast of “Modern Family” are expected to shoot scenes around Sydney Harbour and on Bondi Beach.

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