‘Kyle and Jackie O’ Co-Host Jackie O Walks Out on Kyle Sandilands After On-Air Spat

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Jackie O walked out of the “Kyle & Jackie O” breakfast show after an on-air tiff with Kyle Sandilands on Monday.

The KIIS FM hosts were arguing about Sandilands’ absence on Friday, which according to Jackie, was a usual thing every week.

Sandilands argued that he was so sick, and had to go back home, but Jackie didn’t quite believe him.

“You left everyone high and dry on Friday,” Jackie told her partner, to which Sandilands countered, “If you vomited in the car, I don’t think you’d come to work either.”

Jackie said she would and she had already done that.

“I actually have done that ... I went home and changed,” she said when Sandilands insisted he never saw her go to work covered in vomit.

“I’m happy to go home again. I don’t have to put up with this,” he defended himself, but Jackie wasn’t feeling sympathetic.

“What do you mean you don’t have to put up with it? I can’t ask you about being sick again on a Friday? You’re always sick on a Friday. I’m putting it out there,” she said.

“Well too bad for you,” Sandilands replied. “You’re just being rude. Why didn’t you just say something for 15 minutes? You just sat here and now you’re saying it.

“I’m not gonna come here vomiting and sick. You have no understanding what it’s like.”

After exchanging not-so-pleasant pleasantries first thing in the morning, the two appeared to have let it go and talked about puppies.

However, tension was still high between the two, leaving the producers to broadcast 40 minutes of previously aired clips.

When Sandilands returned almost an hour later, he was alone. He announced that Jackie left after they got into an argument.

“I’m not going to go into why, how, when, who said what, what happened, anything that got flicked around, she’s just not here,” he said.

The radio network confirmed the two have had a disagreement and that Jackie went home.

“We’re looking forward to having Kyle and Jackie return to air together tomorrow morning on KIIS where they’ll no doubt talk through everything that happened this morning,” a statement from the network was obtained by the Daily Mail Australia.

Listeners have noted Sandilands’ recent and frequent absences due to sickness.

In July, he felt so sick that he vomited live on air mid-show.

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