Kutcher-Kunis Update: Pregnant Star Seeks Solace to Macaulay Culkin

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After dating for eight long years, pregnant Mila Kunis and ex-boyfriend Macaulay Culkin are officially in touch again, according to Star Magazine.

A source from the magazine cited Ashton Kutcher was annoying the mother of his child with all his pregnancy advice and Kunis needed fresh air and decided to get in touch to the person who knows her very well.

The first-time father was reportedly becoming overbearing with her pregnancy making the "Oz The Great and Powerful" star turned to the former "Home Alone" star to keep her calm.

"Kunis is living proof that you never really get over your first love," a source said to the magazine.

"Mila needs someone to talk to, and Macaulay knows her better than anyone. They chat once or twice a week, and she feels like it's the only thing keeping her sane."

Known for being so protective and jealous of Kunis, Kutcher knows his fiancé shared a long history with Culkin. He has a lot of insecurity issues from the two former lovers dated for so long.

"This is what happens when cheaters are finally confronted with the truth - their delicate house of cards comes crashing down, and they're forced to deal with their deep-rooted insecurity issues," Celebdirty Laundry reported.

The former couple ended their relationship in 2010. During an interview with Backbox, the actress claimed she did not any have plan of getting married. Their breakup was kept secret until early 2011 and the duo remained friends even when they already had different partners.

The expectant actress made some headlines recently when she gave an awkward interview with Stephen Whitty of the Star-Ledger during her press tour for "Third Person." The star was clearly not in the mood to answer any questions when she replied she "doesn't talk about her pregnancy for publication."

"I hate when people ask me this question," she said when asked if she wants to take more dramatic roles in an interview posted on E! Online.

"People have this misconception that comedy's easy...I'm always looking for challenges and I find a lot of things to be challenging. It can be the director, the producer, a lot of things. I just want to work with people more talented than I am that I can learn from."

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