Kurt Tippet Sidelined for Injury

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The star forward of Sydney Swans, Kurt Tippet, was side-ined for at least a week due to a broken rib injury.

Tippet got injured just before half-time in a reserve match on Saturday and was sent for scans on Tuesday.

The injury doesn't look to be serious, but it was well enough to put him aside for the upcoming match against Melbourne.

"Our plan was to play Kurt for the first half [in the reserves] and he nearly got through unscathed, but unfortunately he copped a knee in a marking contest just before half-time ... Before that, he looked in really good touch. He moved well, his marking was good and he was able to boot three goals ... He won't be available for selection this week, but at this early stage we're hopeful that he could be available the following week ... On a positive note, his knee has pulled up really well from the weekend's hit-out and he will be able to keep ticking over with some running at training this week before we make a call on him returning next week," Swans coach John Longmire stated.

Tippet's injury could prove favourable to Adam Goodes who was in layoff for 10 months.

"Adam trained well today, so from here we will monitor his recovery and see how he performs at training on Thursday before making a decision on if and where he may play," Longmire added.

Another possible chance would be given to Sam Reid. However, the selection entirely depends upon the performance and fitness level achieved during the training session.

Meanwhile, Swans' Lance Franklin, who was always in the gossip column, has favourable chances to join the squad.

"He does speak up and do a lot of things inside the four walls that wouldn't get spoken about ... I don't want to go about it too much but he's been a really good help, especially for a lot of the younger kids - just looking up to him in terms of structures and what other teams used to do against us ... We were in an advantageous spot with Buddy coming from the Hawks - a really good club - and we've got blokes like Stuart Maxfield and Jared Crouch, who have been the drivers of the culture in the early 2000s ... He was definitely one of the voices speaking, among a lot of others. The boys ask and he's happy to put forward his opinion and not hold back at all," Swans footballer Dane Rampe said 

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