Kristin Cavallari Losses 20 Pounds Post Pregnancy: Thanks to Her Paleo Diet and Work Out Schedule[Video]

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It has always been a tough task for every new mother to shed off extra fat after delivering the baby in order to come back to shape. For celebrities who are always under media attention it possesses even greater challenge.

 According to the report by Access Hollywood. the fashion designer actress Kristin Cavallari, within two months of welcoming her second son Jaxon, has managed to lose 20 pounds,

"I've been working out really hard. Those last five pounds are really stubborn. It's in your stomach," Kristin said in describing her reason for accelerating her diet and fitness program.

As far as weight loss in concerned, Kristin strongly admitted with the concept of Paleo diet.

Kristin confirmed that dairy products help in gaining more weight.

 "I stay away from dairy for the most part," she said. "I think that is the number one weight gainer."

Kristin also revealed her extreme cautiousness to include only right kind of food in her daily intake.

According to WebPro News,apart from maintaining a strict diet schedule, Kristin elaborated on her workout regimen.

"I've been working out four to five times a week for 30 to 45 minutes at home, doing tons of leg work like squats, lunges and lifting weights," she said.

To shed off more post pregnancy weight, she wanted to stick to Paleo diet.

As a lover of Paleo diet, Kristin’s meal includes organic vegetables, chicken, fish and bison, avocado and sea salt.

A proper diet with a regular exercise schedule is all you need to look better and to be happy with yourself.

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