Kristen Stewart’s Heart with Robert Pattinson in Australia for Valentine's Day [NEW PHOTO]

Songs have Bridged the Gap between Twilight Lovers Kristen Stewart in L.A. and Robert Pattinson now in Australia.


Songs have bridged the gap between Twilight lovers Kristen Stewart in L.A. and Robert Pattinson now in Australia. When Twilight actress Kristen Stewart was spotted for the first time weeks after hunk boyfriend flew to Australia, all eyes was on her - watching her every move as she was trying to have fun at the Ellie Goulding’s concert in Los Angeles.

A picture of the “Snow White and the Huntsman” star has emerged on the web showing the star wearing a baseball cap, faced backwards, hiding at the back of an all-smiling group of what looked like her circle of close friends.

A report by claimed that he was out comforted by Taylor Lautner while Robert Pattinson is busy getting his hands dirty and dusty at the Australian desert for his latest project, the drama film, “The Rover.”

The online news noted however, that the actress decided to go out for the night after keeping a very low profile for days, because she enjoys songs by Ellie Goulding. Wondering why? It added that Goulding’s songs remind Kristen of Robert Pattinson.

Listening to the songs, said got Kristen closer to Robert.

A source said in an interview with said that while Kristen was out of her LA crib, the star still had Robert in her heart and mind.

“Kristen went with a bunch of her friends to see Ellie Goulding’s sold-out concert on Saturday night at the Wiltern Theater. Kristen adores Ellie and loves her music. Ellie reminds Kristen of happier times and I do think her music makes Kristen feel closer to Rob,” the insider was quoted revealing by the

The star for “Welcome to the Rileys” added the source still misses Robert and a concert over the weekend was a break from darker days of longing for her beau and it helped her “to get her mind off” of the actor.

She was described happy at the music event. But it was clear what’s going on in her head.

“Kristen seemed really happy to be with girlfriends listening to music. They were backstage most of the time just having fun,” the source added, said

Valentine’s Day is almost hours away and the actress has yet to fly to Australia. She was reported earlier planning to jet to Australia to spend time with Robert on Heart’s day.

While the actor is busy filming at the Australian outback, Kristen has been receiving film projects to consider this year. She was first cast as Delphi in “The Big Shoe.” Kristen is reportedly being eyed for the lead role as Anastasia Steele for “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

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