Kristen Stewart’s Ex, Robert Pattinson in Touching Experience Visiting Patients at L.A. Hospital

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Kristen Stewart’s ex, Robert Pattinson made a surprising visit to a hospital in Los Angeles and one of the patients shared her touching story, praising the British actor for not doing it for publicity as he came alone with no cameras with him.

An unidentified patient, only known for her username, “Awkward_Turtle_Army @NonPetroLiam” has shared how Rob’s visit has given her more strength and chances at getting better, faster.

The young patient, who claimed to “always being sad” because of a life she describes as “seriously horrible,” has found herself having overwhelmed in the company of Kristen’s ex.


The young patient praised Rob for his sincerity during the short visit, especially coming in with no cameras for publicity.

She said, “He didn't have any cameras w/him which made me love him even more because he didn't do this for the media.”

For someone so young and going through in life, the young patient is indeed beyond her years as she good things in people, when describing the Maps to the Stars actor.

“I'm always sad because my life is seriously horrible :( if only u knew what I've been through *sigh*,” the unnamed patient said, but she was never blinded with these hardship that she saw the beauty in Rob’s deed.

She also said, “But what warmed my heart a lot was the fact that Rob came into the room without looking at me as something contagious. He hugged me!”

She described Rob as shy and she could never believe being at arm’s length with one of Hollywood’s most iconic actor in his generation.

She said, “Meeting Robert was literally a dream come true! I was so ridiculously shy but he was kind of shy too! His smile made my heart swell.”

She posted the photo of her and Rob with the caption that said: “This is the best picture i took with robert today in la please excuse my ugliness i was dying on the inside.”

Rob’s visit was never in vain as she tweeted: “Getting healthier every minute and Rob just healed my spirit today.”

IBTimes-AU will provide you more updates on the young patient and Rob’s visit. Stay tuned. Photos from the young patient, @NonPetroLiam (Twitter) and Robert Pattinson's Fanpage here.

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