Kristen Stewart’s Ex, Robert Pattinson Looks Hot Preparing for the Biggest. Great-Gatsby-Themed Party in L.A.


Robert Pattinson looks hot and effortlessly stylish when he was spotted ou and about near his home in Los Angeles on June 22, hours before the Great-Gatsby themed party attended by Hollywood’s big stars and personalities, including ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ author, E.L James, making him the next hottest actor in the actor for the controversial film.

In the new set of photos posted by Robert Pattinson Fanpage on Facebook, Robert was snapped walking down his driveway and the actor could never looked any sexier and very clean shaven.

The Rover star was wearing his trademark cap turned backwards and his jeans, teaming it up with a long-sleeved blue-gray top. He completed his looks with his favorite sunglasses his fans had seen him sporting while he was flying in and out of New York City, many times in May 2013.

As if living up to his new engagement with Dior, Robert looks effortlessly stylish. Anyone would notice that he was sporting a clean look - - gone are his scruffs and Robert was certainly a sight to see before the Gatsby-themed party.

How did the party go?

Days after the grand soiree, everyone is still talking about the event in Tinseltown. Aside from the official entertainment gatherings like The Oscars, The Tony Awards and the Met Gala 2013, among others, there was nothing like the party Robert Pattinson hosted on June 22.

He organised the private, luxurious gathering of the stars to celebrate the 34th birthday of his friend and director of Arbitrage Nick Jarecki. Big names in Hollywood were reported chilling out and having fun at the fun-filled party that ended early morning. Some of the stars who Robert made happy as they were included in the impressive guest list (that excluded Kristen Stewart, of course) were Rose McGowan, Michelle Rodriguez, E.L. James, Emilie de Raven, Heather Graham and Warren Beatty.

How good was the party?

In the eyes of singer/ songwriter Todd Michael Schultz, who came with his boyfriend, Bret Easton Ellis, it was a party like no other.

“It was a really good party. It was in Rob’s backyard — he had catered tacos. Dianne Warren, the songwriter, was there. Warren Beatty was there chilling. Lisa Zane sang a few songs. It was all smart people — trust me, the best people, from beginning to end.I got home at 3 or 4 a.m. The party was just dwindling when I left,” Schultz said, describing the star-studded, Gatsby-themed party.

And where was Kristen? By the time Robert Pattinson was caught talking to E.L. James, Kristen was somewhere in Nashville, having fun having her first tattoo ever!

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