Kristen Stewart’s Beau, Robert Pattinson Likely to Have Lots of Sex Scenes in David Cronenberg’s ‘Maps to the Stars’ [PHOTOS]

Robert Pattinson Has Been Confirmed to Star in David Cronenberg’s ‘Maps to the Stars’


Amidst reports that Kristen Stewart had recently dropped out of racy film, Focus, Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson has been confirmed to reunite with David Cronenberg in Maps to the Stars, and the actor is rumoured to likely have a lot of sex scene. What will Kristen say about this?

Robert had earlier worked with Cronenberg in a racy film, Cosmpolis, a film featuring Rob in the title role for Eric Packer, a 28-year-old billionaire and his one-day journey in a stretched limo as he went around town to get a haircut.

The movie that first allowed Robert to prove that he could actually move on from his Twilight days and can take on characters at a different level. And the film also earned Robert one of the sexiest naked male celebrities in Hollywood, having stripped naked with his hot co-stars including Juliette Binoche.

The film sequences of Robert and his women in racy sex scenes at the back of his limo in Cosmopolis are rumored to double up in his upcoming film, Maps to the Stars, also directed by Cronenberg.

Described as “indie ghost story,” Maps to the Stars said is “an indictment of celebrity culture.” Rob is joining John Cusack (Serendipity) and Julianne Moore (Blind). Robert, however, is expected to work more with Sarah Gadon as he is cast opposite the stunning actress. Will Kristen get jealous? Robert is likely to have heavy sex, steamy scenes with Sarah in Maps to the Stars, according to reports.

But since the film is based on the lives of celebrities in Hollywood, Kristen will have more chances to sneak into the location shoot and “monitor” her hottie boyfriend.

Filming of the drama film is originally set in May 2013. No wonder, Robert and Kristen are making most of their time together while Robert is on break before embarking on more work for his new films. Check out Rob's upcoming film here. Recent reports, however, said that production begins in July 2013. Does it mean more Robsten Romance cute dates?

But while there remains to have weeks (or months) before filming began, Maps to the Stars is creating some buzz online. Various media outlets and film bloggers have the film in their array of stories:

Criterion Cast: “It’s about damn time this picture gets ready to go … the auteur will be joined by one hell of a cast. This sounds like yet another superb satire from one of today’s great satirists, and it’s interesting to see Pattinson re-team with his Cosmopolis director for another film.”

Entertainment Weekly: “For some directors, the more absurd the log line, the better the movie.”

MTV: “Cosmopolis” director David Cronenberg may have found his new muses. The auteur has just enlisted Robert Pattinson and his “Cosmopolis” co-star Sarah Gadon for his next project, “Maps to the Stars.”” Robert plays the character of Jerome in Maps to the Stars by David Cronenberg, which takes a look at Hollywood and is expected to provide more revelations than expected about the Western culture.

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