Kristen Stewart Writes Love Letter About her Undying Love for Robert Pattinson in Australia [PHOTOS]

Kristen Stewart Sends Long Love Note to Australia for Robert Pattinson


To keep the love-fire burning, Twilight star Kristen Stewart has reportedly written and sent a letter to her long-time beau, Robert Pattinson currently in Australia on set for filming, “The Rover.”

A report by the revealed that K-Stew put all her thoughts down into words, expressing her love for Pattinson in ways she could not express over the phone or their reported regular “Skype dates.”

The letter, according to a source who talked to, contains Kristen’s undying love for Rob, “tell(ing) him how important he is to her, how much he will never find anybody else who will understand him like she does.”

Kristen apparently asserted in her letter that Robert will hardly “find someone he has a lot of common with as they have built a life together.”

The celebrity couple has been together for years, shortly after they started filming the Twilight series in April 2008. Both have initially agreed to keep the romance to themselves until they couldn’t take the lenses away from them.

Rumors that they had been romantically involved began to spread in November 2008 following a saucy photoshoot and interview with Vanity Fair.

A year after the rumors began, Robert gave an official statement in October 2009 but only kept his millions of fans guessing as to whether or not he is together with beautiful co-star.

“It doesn’t make any difference what you say [to the tabloids]. I’ve literally been across the country [from Kristen], and it’s like ‘Oh, they were on secret dates!’ It’s like ‘Where? I can’t get out of my hotel room!’?” Rob was quoted as saying by Mirror back then.

After making their romance public, the two not only spent time together at hotel rooms but they have been inseparable since then, even buying a home together.

And at home Kristen has been left alone, reportedly lonely and longing for Robert who is recently busy filming for “The Rover” at the Australian Outback.

Not missing any opportunity to let him know how much she adores him, a love letter comes the next best thing for skype and phone calls.

“Kristen wrote a long letter…explaining her love to Rob. Even if he can’t forgive her, he should know that she is closer to him than anyone else could ever be,” quoted the source as saying.

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