Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Reunion: KStew Has a 'Secret Plan' to Win Over ‘Twilight’ Co-star Rob Patz- Tactic Revealed


Robert Pattinson may have broken up with his "Twilight" co-star and his former long time girlfriend Kristen Stewart, but it seems she is not giving up on him yet. According to the latest reports, actress Kristen Stewart is trying to win the heart of the love of her life through a secret plan. Would they eventually reunite?  

For a long time Rob Patz and K Stew's reunion is being speculated. Earlier, rumors about their growing intimacy made the rounds. Also, a reunion was speculated during the time of holidays and New Years in 2013.

According to a report by Hollywood Life, K Stew has been implementing a secret plan to find her way back into Rob Patz's heart. They may have split up in May 2013 owing to K Stew's cheating scandal, but the actors have always been in contact with each other and have maintained an amicable relationship with each other. Recent reports claimed that they have been in touch through regular Skype chat sessions. Their failed New Years reunion may have shunned all the hopes of Robsten reunion but it seems the actress can't seem to let go as yet.

Hollywood Life reports that a source disclosed that actress Kristen Stewart "has been telling all of their mutual friends that she is over Robert Pattinson." Reportedly, she is also ready to move on but, the source claims that this is not "true."

As per the source, as a part of her plan, Kristen Stewart will now play hard to get with Robert Pattinson. She is hoping that when Robert Pattinson will figure out that she is about to move on, he may "step up to the plate."

The report by Hollywood Life also claims that Kristen Stewart misses Robert Pattinson "so much" that she would do "whatever it takes to win him over."

It seems their failed reunion on New Years and Robert Pattinson's decision to fly to London from New York has hit her hard. Reportedly, she has been "depressed" ever since Robert Pattinson backed out from visiting her before he left for Morocco for shooting his new film "Queen of Deserts." Thus she is now compelled to "play mind games" which she reportedly loathes.

Apparently, Kristen Stewart has been making changes in her behavior in order to be able to reclaim Robert Pattinson's love. How is she doing that?

The source of the report by Hollywood Life claims that "Twilight" actress has stopped contacting him and "she is letting him make all the moves." Her secret plan to win over Robert Pattinson also includes step like "ignoring him" in order to make him prioritize again.

Recently, more reports emerged claiming that the actress has come out about her feelings for her ex-boyfriend and rumored love interest. In an interview with mag named Marie Claire, Kristen Stewart spilled that you can't "control" who you fall in love with.

Hollywood Life report also claims Kristen Stewart's friends are in agreement with her secret plan to win over Robert Pattinson again. They feel it's a "smart thing to do." But do you really think K Stew will find success through her secret plan and tactic to win over "Twilight" hunk all over again?

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