Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to Get Married in Australia

Robsten Wedding is 'Back On!'


The Robsten wedding is “back on” and it’s at full-speed Down Under.

An insider has confirmed that the Twilight couple, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are planning to tie the knot in Australia.

In its latest issue, OK! magazine claimed that the couple are finally pushing through with their wedding plans that had earlier been postponed ‘due to “overwhelming” process.

But admist reports of the Rupert Sanders –Liberty Ross divorce, the Tween couple has allegedly decided to give wedding plans a go.

"Rob and Kristen did temporarily delay their wedding plans for a short while. They were both overwhelmed by all the hype and pressure surrounding their relationship, plus Kristen also found the actual wedding planning process quite overwhelming," OK! Magazine quoted the inside source as saying. 

The news magazine claims that the “inside source” noted that the couple is eyeing an unnamed island in the beautiful country of Australia, where R-Patz is currently filming for his new film, ‘The Rover.’

The couple is reportedly not keen on leaving Down Under for the wedding.

"[Rob and Kristen will] linger in Oz well after The Rover wraps — perhaps long enough for both a wedding and, possibly, all the way through their honeymoon,” the source was quoted as saying by the OK! Magazine, said

Though a ceremony in a tropical country has been their initial choice, Pattinson has seemingly fallen in love with Australia while on set filming.

“They were toying with either Canada or somewhere tropical like Bali or Fiji for the wedding, but Rob thinks one of the private islands in Australia is the way to go.”

Early this month, the couple’s tween fans have fallen in love with Kristen as news flooded in claiming that the star has been keeping the love alive through Skype dates with R-Patz.

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