Kristen Stewart Partied with Robert Pattinson’s Friends at Marcus Foster Gig [MORE PHOTOS]

Kristen Stewart Spotted at a Concert of Robert Pattinson’s Friend, Marcus Foster [MORE PHOTOS]


Kristen Stewart has provided support for her beau’s friend, Marcus Foster at a concert held at Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles, California March 3, Sunday.

Clad in casual t-shirt and usual top and signature cap to complete her ensemble, photos of the actress emerged close to Tamra Natisin, who is also an associate of Katy Perry.

Though the singer was nowhere in sight - - from the photos posted on Kristen Stewart Fanpage - - Katy reportedly joined her and Tamra as they enjoyed the music played by Marcus and his bandmates.

They were seen leaving Hotel Café joined by the rest of the gang. But to set the record straight and with the expected rumors to swirl and link her to Rob’s best friend, the actress was seen all smiles as she got into the car with only Tamra in two and no other boys are seen getting in the car with her.

This is not the first time that Kristen was seen hanging out with Robert’s friends. She was last spotted outside En Sui in Los Feliz, Los Angeles last February 20.

En Sui, apparently, is Kristen and Rob’s favorite spot for an occasional romantic date. And she and Marcus bandmates, Jack Standen, Suzie and CJ Romero, chose the place for a birthday dinner.

But when she’s not around Rob’s friends, Kristen chooses to be with her mom.

“She is just being patient and spending a lot of time with her mom. Her mom has been very supportive and just keeps encouraging her to be true to herself and to keep things simple,” a friend was quoted as saying in an interview.

Speculations that Kristen missing Rob has continued to reverberate in different online news as she has been seen keeping the company of Robert’s friends.

Robert is still in Australia, filming The Rover.

The actor flew Down Under in mid-January for the production of some film sequences that officially began on January 31, 2013. He was nowhere near Kristen when the Speak star presented at The Oscars 2013 with Daniel Radcliffe. Her beautiful pair of gray crutches served as Kristen’s Robert as she hobbled her way to the red carpet photoline and onto the stage to present the best production design. The couple has continued to keep millions of Twi-hard fans as to when they will be reunited since they got separated early this year. They also failed to join other Twilight stars who marked the official DVD release of Twilight’s finale.

Robert is expected back in LA on the third week of March. Stay tuned.

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