Kristen Stewart Not Pregnant, Engaged to Robert Pattinson? [PHOTOS]

Twilight Lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Have Reportedly Been Engaged on K-Stew 23rd Birthday!


Kristen Stewart may not be pregnant despite recurring reports that she is carrying Robert Pattinson’s baby. But the gorgeous star has reportedly been engaged to her British beau, Robert Pattinson on the eve of the celebration of her 23rd birthday on April 9, 2013.

The romantic “Cosmopolis” star had alleged popped the question, making their reignited romance more official than ever! Robert had allegedly bought a $53-K engagement ring to “seal the deal.” No details of the engagement has been released as of yet as Robsten lips remained sealed on engagement rumors. But their actions clearly speak louder than words.

An eyewitness recounted in an interview how Robert had showered Kristen with affection and constantly planting kisses on his gorgeous girl while they were having lunch at their favorite restaurant in Los Feliz, the En Sushi restaurant. In between bites of their kudon, Robert and Kristen had been oblivious of the world around them and were absolutely loved-up as they get cozy and cuddly inside the restaurant.

“Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart had lunch at En Sushi on Wednesday (April 10), like in the early afternoon,” a source was quoted as telling in an exclusive interview.

The insider also shared who came in at the restaurant with Robert and Kristen and how cozy the Twilight lovers got once they were seated at their favorite spot in the restaurant.

The source claimed: “They came with another girl and two guys. They all seemed pretty happy, especially Robert and Kristen. She arrived a little before him but they sat next to each other and he had his arm around her. She kept taking bites of his vegetable udon. It was sweet. They are regulars and always polite and well mannered. Robert left first and before he left, he kissed Kristen on the head and then game back and picked Kristen up and her friend.”

The scene at the restaurant was a familiar look of love of the celebrity couple as they were displaying the same kind of affection while they were celebrating Kristen’s birthday a day before. The couple could not have reportedly been more in love when they were having intimate dinner with friends at LA restaurant Malo Taqueria.

“They were so cute together, they weren’t glued to each other’s side,” another eyewitness apparently told the news online. “Kristen was being a good hostess and working the room. But whenever they were standing near each other, they were touching. Rob had his arm draped around her a lot and every once in a while they’d sneak a kiss. They both looked so in love!”

 Could Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart be really engaged?

The couple has just recently been reunited after Robert returned from Australia, where he filmed sequences for his drama film, David Michod’s The Rover. The celebrity couple were separated for 64 days, and they did not even spend Valentine’s day together. Work also hampered Robert from escorting Kristen at The Oscars 2013 and K-Stew limped her way to the red carpet photoline and onto the stage “naked” without Robert on her side.

Following their much-anticipated reunion as The Rover wrapped on March 16, Robsten has been inseperable and the two had been generous to throngs of reporters and photographers who have been following their every move since their reunion.

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