Kristen Stewart not Flying to Australia to Spend Valentine's Day with Robert Pattinson [PHOTOS]


A source confirmed to E! Online that Twilight lovers Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are not spending time together on Valentine's Day, despite speculations that the actress is flying to Australia to be with her beau.

The unnamed source also brushed off earlier reports that the two are together on "Heart's Day" because their relationship is indeed "on the rocks."

Contrary to reports that mushroomed over the web in the last couple of weeks, E!Online said, quoting the source that "all is good" between the Twilight lovebirtds.

The couple, added the source that did not deem it unnecessary for Kristen to jet Down Under, citing two reasons why they agreed that the "On The Road" star should better stay in the states and allow Rob to continue working for his latest project, "The Rover."

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One reason given by the source is the time left for the actor to be in the Australian outback.

With the total of seven week to be on location shoot in Adelade, Rob has barely less than a month to finish filming in South Australia.

He started filming last week of January and he only has barely three weeks and he will be back in a home he shared with Kristen in Los Angeles.

Another reason cited by the source, according to E! Online is the "unwanted publicity" Kristen's trip to Australia could attract for "The Rover."

Instead of flying to Oz, Kristen opted to spend Valentine's Day with her family. She was reported cooking with her mom, Jules, who later took to Twitter and shared how proud she is of her daughter. Jules claimed that Kristen indeed knows her way in the Kitchen.

She tweeted: “Lasagna cook-off this past weekend with Kristen — we had judges and everything — She won. Damn, that girl can cook! Love you babe.

Meanwhile, Kristen has recently been cast to play in a comedy-drama, "The Big Shoe" to play muse, opposite another English actor, Jim Sturgess.

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