Kristen Stewart "Looks Tired and Lost" Without Robert Pattinson in MET Gala 2013 Solo Appearance [SLIDESHOW]

Robsten Romance Continues to Fade with Robert Pattinson’s Absence as Kristen Stewart Walks the MET Gala Red Carpet Solo?


Kristen Stewart has appeared tired (though, maybe a bit more lonely) without Robert Pattinson in many of her photos taken at the recently concluded MET Gala 2013. Posted by her endearing solid fans, Kristen indeed appeared gloomy and glum in some photos, especially the ones of her not looking at the cameras. But why had she failed to convince Rob to walk with her into the “Oscars” of the fashion industry?

The buzz got too loud before the MET Ball Monday, May 6 that Robert was to join Kristen at the Metropolitan Museum of the Art in New York City. The fact that the British-born hunk was spotted leaving Los Angeles and into the Big Apple for the Daughter concert and expressing support to his friend, Tom Sturridge in his Broadway performance, even validated earlier reports that as he went onboard an airplane at the LAX, he had packed with him a formal suit to go with Kristen’s vampy, red jjumpsuit at the MET Ball.

But Robert was nowhere in sight. Kristen made her way to the most highly regarded social fashion event in Hollywood... alone, naked, without Robert Pattinson in her arms. To the chagrine of their millions of Twihards, who like no other fans in the world have continued to support their “immortal lovers” as their Idols.

Rob’s absence at the MET Ball 2013 could very well be, the biggest disappointment for the Tween fans since the Robsten Romance has been kept alive with the couple’s much-talked about reunion in mid-March 2013. After Rob’s return from Australia to film The Rover, the couple has been inseparable and the Twilight fans have always been there to see them together - -whether they are simply talking short walks in L.A. streets or having dinner and coffee with friends or running errands buying chips and drinks at grocery stores.

"Kristen is excited to spend some quality time with Rob in New York," a source was quoted as telling HollywoodLife, “They always have fun in the city together and plan on seeing some bands and spending time with some good friends.”

Fans saw them in jeans and short shorts and their usual hoodies and they have grown tired of K-Stew’s rusty shoes. They were looking forward to seeing them together at the MET Gala 2013 in a bit of more formal attire. And why not? Kristen has been named as Glamour UK’s Best Dressed Woman and Robert was given the same honor as this year’s Best Dressed Man. If K-Stew could look great in Balenciaga or Stella McCartney’s creations, Robert sure looked good in Gucci like he had worn at the Golden Globes in January 2013. So why didn’t he pack on a Dior and put on one and walked Kristen to the Ball?

Hold your horses Tween fans. You can’t believe what’s written in recent news. A look at the photos of the female celebrities who graced the fashion event showed that she’s not the only one who got “lonely” at the MET. It appears that even newlyweds have opted to ditch their hubbies and flaunted their booties on their own.

Was going solo an added running “theme” for the night? A look at the pictures of stars at the MET Ball 2013 showed Kristen was not the only soloist on the red carpet. And in fact, most attended on her own - - except maybe, Kim Kardashian who braved the red carpet with her baby-Daddy, Kanye West. Kim was reported totally insecure and with fear to face the cameras at the MET Ball with her big baby bump and it was then understandable that she graced the affair with Kanye.

Not Kristen. Thanks to her stylist, Stella McCartney and actress, Cameron Diaz, Kristen was not at all alone as she walked the red carpet at the MET and as she left with both of them at an unknown destination after the event.

Check out the “lonely and looking tired” photos of Kristen at the Ball without Robert Pattinson for her to hold.

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