Kristen Stewart Keeps Robert Pattinson Close to Heart by Dining with his Friends [NEW PHOTOS]

Twilight Star Kristen Stewart Spotted Dining in with Robert Pattinson’s Friends in Los Angeles


As if trying to keep Robert Pattinson close to her heart and their home, Kristen Stewart has stepped out and dined with her beau’s friends in a California restaurant where they used to date before the English hunk went filming in Australia.

Kristen was seen with Rob’s best friend (and his friends) Wednesday night at a sushi restaurant called “En Sushi” located at Los Feliz, Los Angeles California. The latest photos of the star in group of friends showed that she was in the company of Rob’s BFF, Marcus Foster.

Foster is joined by his bandmates, Jack Standen, Suzie and CJ and they reportedly had a fun night out to celebrate Scout Taylor Compton’s birthday. A source was quoted telling the that everyone “had a good time and were very nice.”

“Kristen Stewart was here this past Tuesday night with a group of friends, a couple of girls and guys. They were celebrating a friend’s birthday and sang Happy Birthday to her. They all shared the hot chocolate cake,” the source told

The choice for En Sushi however has led many to thinking that this is a way for Kristen to send a message to Rob that she direly misses him. It’s known that the restaurant is one of the places that Rob and Kristen would frequently go to on occasional romantic dates.

 “Kristen was very nice and sweet. She was wearing a baseball hat. Her friends were also very nice. Kristen has been here before with Rob but he has not been here for quite some time,” the source also said, accotding to the in describing Kristen while with Robert’s friends for a birthday celebration.

The described the “On The Road” actress ‘bummed out’ looking gloomy despite the joyous event being celebrated at the moment she was spotted outside a sushi restaurant.

In other photos however, the actress was seen smiling and appeared to be having a great time. A video on YouTube by X17 Online captured Kristen appearing very cold while hanging out with Rob’s friends outside En Sushi. This explained one shot of the Panic Room star having a quick smoke with the guys, prompting the Daily Mail to paint her as “just one of the guys.”

The one-night out with Rob’s friends must have done the actress some good following reports that she has been missing her British beau. The Twilight lovebirds have been separated for almost a month now since Robert flew Down Under to shoot some sequences for his latest project, “The Rover.”

Kristen for her part has kept herself busy looking into some projects. She just landed a great role as Delphi in “The Big Shoe” co-starring another English hunk, 31-year-old Jim Sturgess. Rumors have it that the talented actress is being eyed and could likely be cast as Anastasia Steele in “Fifty Shades of Grey."

The Twilight lovers are likely to get reunited in March to promote for the DVD release of the “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, expected to hit the market on March 2.

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