Kristen Stewart Dishes Out Secret Beauty Tips, Favorite Hair Style, Looks and More

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Kristen Stewart Promotes New Film 'Camp X-Ray' at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival in Utah
Cast member Kristen Stewart attends the premiere of the film "Camp X-Ray" at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah January 17, 2014. REUTERS/Jim Urquhart

Kristen Stewart is one beautiful actress and has now shared tips for looking like her and what her favourite style is -- with New York's The Cut magazine. The "Twilight" star is in favour of looking natural and keeping her makeup minimal, the magazine revealed. As the face of Rosabotanica fragrance, the actress has her very own style which makes her stand out from the crowd. Let's find out more from the actress herself.

The actress revealed to the magazine that she hardly ever repeats a beauty product again on herself, even if it was good for her skin as she has memories attached to it. Using the same very lip colour or moisturiser takes her back to the time when she was involved in a particular shoot or filming certain scenes back in time. Hence, she avoids it.

"Whenever I encounter a product that I've used on a previous movie, it will take me right back. [Snaps.] Sometimes there will be things I can't use, even though it might work for a beauty regimen or something that works for the character. I'll literally have to find another product to use," says Kristen to the magazine.

Kristen was spotted with cornrows or braided hairstyle some time back (see picture here) and the magazine asked her why she liked it so much and would she repeat it in future. "I'll re-do it at some point. I liked having it. It's comfortable and keeps my hair out of my face. And I liked the way it looked," revealed the "Camp X-Ray" star.

When asked about her beauty routine, ex-girlfriend of Robert Pattinson revealed that she uses the beauty product "Proactiv" and drinks a lot of water to stay hydrated.  "Like, if you don't drink water, you look awful. If you do, that's a huge part of my "beauty" regimen, I guess," explains Kristen further.

"I use mascara, eyeliner, and maybe some concealer. Chapstick. I don't like color on my lips unless I'm doing full-on," said Kristen adding that she doesn't do much with her hair except washing it with different shampoos every now and then.

So what's her favourite look? You would be surprised to know that Kristen Stewart likes the "puffy-face" look and strives to get it every time, the magazine revealed.  

"I'm always striving to get to the point where I look like I've woken up in the last hour. You know that look you get when you're fresh-faced? You're a little puffy but looking really good? That's what I like."

"I just like it when people look like they're not trying. And the only way to do that is by not trying," added the actress.

Next time when you want to look like Kristen Stewart, just stop trying. Try to look as natural as possible. 

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