Kristen Stewart Believes Robert Pattinson is her "Soulmate" [PHOTOS]

Robert Pattinson is Kristen Stewart's Soulmate, said a source.


Twilight actress, Kristen Stewart has reportedly claimed that Robert Pattinson, her boyfriend of four years, is her 'soulmate."

Amidst new release of the latest behind-the-scenes photo by Summit Entertainment, featuring the Twilight lovers in a dream sequence as bride and group, a source told that Kristen reiterated that "Rob is the one" and she has no intentions of breaking his heart, ever again.

The source said that Kristen vowed to keep and stay with Rob even with occasional reports that he has been seen painting the town red Down Under, where he is filming drama film, "The Rover."

No woman or place can get in the way of the Twilight lovers, said the source,

"Even if Rob did fool around with another person, this wouldn’t make Kristen want to end things," the source said, according to, citing a report by

The source continued, "She knows what she did to Rob was wrong and is the last one to judge him for what he may have or have not done. Rob is Kristen’s best friend and according to her, he is her soulmate."

Described as someone close to Kristen, the source continued, "You don’t just break up with someone that easily. She’s in this relationship for the long run."

Kristen and Robert has been on, what was reported as "trial separation" since Robert flew to Australia late January. An insider was quoted by E! Online however, that "all is good" for the Twilight lovers and only the time and other concerns are separating the two, even on Valentine's Day.

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