Kristen Stewart 'Begged' Robert Pattinson to Cancel His Date With Dylan Penn? Pattinson Plans to Meet Kristen on Her Birthday

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There is speculation in the media that Robert Pattinson ditched his weekend plans with Dylan Penn in Madrid, Spain at the last minute, because his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart "begged" him to get back with her instead. Celebrity Dirty Laundry has published pictures of a lonely looking Dylan in Spain. At first, she is seen smiling, as she arrives at the airport. However, Dylan's smiles turn sour after some time and she is seen arguing with someone over the phone.

It is not clear who was on the other end of the phone but the Web site reports that it might be Robert Pattinson that Dylan is talking to on the phone. She seems visibly annoyed and the Web site believes that Robert abruptly canceled his plans to spend a romantic weekend with Dylan.

The Web site also reports that when Kristen Stewart became aware about Robert's plan to hook up with Dylan, she immediately got in touch with him. "She reached out to her old flame and begged him not to go, and threatened that a publicized weekend with Dylan would ruin any chances of them reconciling," the Web site reports, citing an unnamed source.

"The thought of Rob spending a romantic weekend in Spain with someone else scared Kristen, and she realized she wasn't ready to completely give up on their relationship," the Web site adds, quoting a source.

The 27-year-old "Twilight" actor is currently in Morocco to film "Queen of the Desert."  According to media reports, he plans to see Kristen Stewart on her birthday on April 9, when she turns 24.

"If he could fly to LA and see her for her birthday he would do it in a heartbeat," a source says to Hollywood Life.

Does this mean that there is a slight chance of these two getting back together, and re-igniting their romance? Did Pattinson forgive and forget Kristen's infidelity and cheating and wants to be a couple again? What are your views?

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