Kristen Stewart Beau, Robert Pattinson's Upcoming Top Film Projects in 2013 [PHOTOS]

Robert Pattinson to Bury Himself to Work Once Again


 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may have yet to enjoy the most perfect romantic moment together - - alone - - since Rob’s return from filming The Rover  in Australia after the project wrapped on March 16, 2013. The actor, however has barely two weeks to spend with his lady love and the star is hitting the road again and leave Kristen for more work.

After finishing filming of the drama film The Rover, by David Michod, Robert is scheduled to continue filming of three other projects lined-up for him this year. These include Mission: Blacklist, Queen of Desert, Maps to the Stars and Hold On To Me.

Robert Pattinson on Mission:Blacklist

Mission: Blacklist Robert portrays the character of Eric Maddox, a war hero and military interrogator who had played a big part in capturing Saddam Hussein in 2003. His role in this film is a far cry from his role as Edward Cullen (Twilight) Eric Packer (Cosmopolis) and even Reynorlds (The Rover). Robert showcases a performance at a different level in the psychological thriller directed by Jean-Stephane Sauvaire.

The film is based on a book written by Eric Maddox, the soldier who was behind the capture. He provided details in the book, the inside story surrounding the capture of Saddam Hussein. Robert is a big shot in the film as he plays the character of the guy who spearheaded the capture of the world’s most notoriious leader.

Robert is set to film by mid-April.

Queen of the Desert Another film expected to be a real hit when released in theaters is Queen of the Desert Robert will be appearing on with great actors including Jude Law and Academy-nominated actress, Naomi Watts. Kristen’s beau will play TE Lawrence in a biography drama whch chronicles the life of Gertrude Bell, “a traveler, writer, archaeologist, explorer, cartographer, and political attaché for the British Empire at the dawn of the twentieth century.”

Jude Law plays Henry Cadogan while Naomi Watts took on the title role as Gertrude Bell. The film is a collaboration of Benaroya Pictures, Division Films and H Films. Robert is scheduled to begin filming Queen of the Desert in September 2013. Most of the scenes of the film will be on location shoot in Morocco, and it is expected that Robert will be away from Kristen for a real long time then.

Maps to the Stars A drama by David Cronenberg, the same director who took Robert in Cosmopolis, Robert is to play Jerome in a film that takes a look at Hollywood and create a representation of what’s found about the Western Culture. This is not the first time a film take a closer study of the Hollywood but this film sure can provide a new perspective in the current period.

Joining Robert in what could be his most colorful film as of yet, is Daniel Craig's wife, Rachel Weisz and another Hollywood hunk, Viigo Mortensen. It’s written by Burce Wagner and produced by Said Ben Said, David Cronenberg, Martin Katz and Renee Tab.

Robert is expected to shoot the film this summer in L.A. It will be close to home and therefore he will not be away from Kristen as much.

Robert Pattinson with Casts of Maps to the Stars. Photo by

Hold On To Me Robert is playing the underdog in the film as he portrays the role of a “hapless guy” who allowed a woman played by Carey Mulligan to take advantage of him in her efforts to make money that had unfortunately gone bad in the end.

Directed by James Marsh and written by Brad Ingelsby, the thriller film is expected to show another side of Robert Pattinson in a film based on a true story of a woman and her big-city dreams that collapsed when all her plans didn’t go as expected. The woman enjoined her longtime sweetheart to kidnap their town’s richest man to collect big sum of money.

Filming, which remains undated as of yet, is scheduled in the United States and it is being shopped at the American Film market.

With his busy schedule, it is of no surprise that Robert has been spending every minute of his precious time with Kristen Stewart. The two has been inseperable since they were reunited when Robert return from filming The Rover in Australia.

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