Kristen Stewart Beau, Robert Pattinson Would Make "Good Father" says Twilight Director [PHOTOS]

Twilight Director Bill Condon Asserts that Kristen Stewart’s Boyfriend Would Make a Good Father


Twilight actor, Robert Pattinson could be a great father should he decide to start a family on his own with his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart. The assertion was made by Bill Condon, the director of the popular film, “The Twilight Saga.”

Condon’s declaration of Rob’s fatherly skills was based on his performance when he played Edward Cullen and Renesmee’s father in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 and 2.” Renesmee was played by Mackenzie Foy.

He praised Robert and Kristen on the manner by they treated Mackenzie on set while they were filming in 2011.

“They were amazing with her. It really brought something paternal out in Rob, and Kristen was especially protective,” Condon was quoted as saying in a report by PerezHilton.

The director also added that he remember having to intervene with the Twilight lovers as they were talking to the child star.

He said, “I’d have to interrupt them when they were in deep conversation to get going with a scene.”

What caught the director’s attention was how Robert would transform around the kids who played Renesmee’s character.

“It was amazing to watch Rob with the babies. He would just turn into this completely different person,” Condon said as he continued to demonstrate Robert as a father in the film, that he believes could be translated to a an even better kind when he has a kids of his own.

He continued, “He just loved being around kids and he would actually argue and say, ‘why do I have to keep giving the baby away to other people? I don’t get to hold her enough’ or ‘I don’t get to be with her enough.”

In the film, Robert characterized Edward who has shown protective demeanor in many sequences on Twilight.

On a number of occasions did he share a scene with Renesmee showing the actor as a loving father. This included playing the piano with her in the Cullen’s living room. It also included a scene when Renesmee ran to him after the child and her mom, Kristen returned to the Cullen home from a short trip from Seattle to visit an old guy who prepared the passports for Renesmee and Jacob should they (Renesmee and Jacob) be forced to leave before the “epic battle” in the film took place.

The “fatherhood training” Robert gained while filming the Twilight finale could be very well used when proven that Kristen indeed got pregnant.

It will be recalled that rumors that the upcoming star for “The Big Shoe” was pregnant flew around the web in mid-February. IBTimes-AU reported the main reasons why the actress was suspected of carrying Robert’s child. A separate report by IBTimes-AU noted the top things the actress must do when proven pregnant.

The couple has kept their millions of Tween fans in the dark as they remain mum about the pregnancy issue. The Twilight lovers are still in two separate worlds these days. Robert has about 2 weeks left filming in Adelaide, Australia for his latest project, “The Rover.” Kristen for her part has kept herself busy meeting Robert’s friends and her own family and spending more time in the gym working out.

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