Kristen Stewart Beats Kate Middleton: InStyle Top 10 Best Dressed List [PHOTOS]

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Bella Swan beats The Duchess of Cambridge in InStyle's Best Dressed List. It is quite a surprise that not only Kristen manages to top Kate Middleton, but Suri Cruise also made it to the 9th spot.

UK's InStyle magazine released their top ten best dressed celebrities for this year and while some names are obviously acceptable, there are just some names that seem to be out of place.

On top of the list is young Hollywood actress Emma Stone. While Emma is a sweetheart, not all her choices of clothes could be considered smashing. But she does indeed dresses better than some of the names in the list.

Second on the list is Diane Kruger, followed by "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart. We don't know the basis of granting the third spot for Kristen but she would have fallen on a lower spot if her everyday fashion uniform was included. When Kristen is out the red carpet, she's usually seen in cut out shirts, her boyfriend's baseball caps and Chuck Taylors. We don't think high fashion magazines would consider it worthy of the third spot.

Kristen beats Kate Middleton who only falls at the 7th spot. Ahead of the Duchess were Alexa Chung, Kate Bosworth and Victoria Beckham. Even though there had been many fashion hits for Kate, it seems like it wasn't enough to win her a higher spot.

Kate Moss lands the 8th spot and closely behind her is an unlikely "fashionista." 6-year-old Suri Cruise lands on number 9 beating Florence Welch who is at number 10.

InStyle's Top 10 Best Dressed List

1. Emma Stone

2. Diane Kruger

3. Kristen Stewart

4. Alexa Chung

5. Kate Bosworth

6. Victoria Beckham

7. The Duchess of Cambridge

8. Kate Moss

9. Suri Cruise

10. Florence Welch

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