Kristen Stewart Apologizes - Again

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"Twilight" star, Kristen Stewart has finally opened up on the cheating scandal that plagued her life. While the issue has already been resolved and the "Robsten" duo reconciled, some are still waiting to hear Stewart's side of the story. Finally, the 22-year old actress opens up on the Sanders-Stewart cheating scandal.

The famous "Robsten" duo suffered a break-up of almost three months due to Stewart's infidelity issues. Kristen was caught in an affair with Rupert Sanders, the director of "Snow White and the Huntsman." While Stewart was bugged by the press and the paparazzi, Robert on the other hand fled from the scene and hid from one celebrity friends' home to another.

Three months after the split, Pattinson had appeared to have forgiven and forgotten. The couple was seen sharing a smooch at Kristen's newly bought home and the two even managed to appear on the "Twilight" red carpet premiere together.

Some "Robsten" and "Twi-hard" fans have already gotten over the issue but some are still asking the big question: "Why Stewart?" In an interview, Kristen has finally spoken up on the cheating scandal. Unlike what everybody had thought, the 22-year old actress was heavily affected as well.

"If you're honest you'll make mistakes but that's when the most interesting things happen. I used to just stay in my hotel room rather than deal with everything, but if you get too caught up in what others think you become a really disjointed person," explained Stewart.

In another interview with Newsweek, the "On the Road" star also apologized to everyone affected by the cheating scandal.

"I apologize to everyone for making them so angry," said Stewart, adding, "It was not my intention."

Still, sticking to the attitude the press knows her for, Stewart had said one other thing.

"I don't care [about people's opinions]," explained Stewart, adding, "It doesn't keep me from doing my s---."

With the cheating scandal already over and resolved, Stewart and Pattinson are currently working on rekindling the romance. Rumor has it, Pattinson is just about ready to pop the question but will things truly work out this time around? Fans of the "Robsten" duo can of course only hope.

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