Kris and Kendall Jenner Arrive in Sydney, Young Kardashian Sis Flaunts Figure


Kris Jenner is a proud and busy mom Thursday as she accompanies her daughter Kendall in Sydney while her other daughter Khloe Kardashian appears on X-Factor as a co-host.

 "Good morning SYDNEY AUSTRALIA!!!!!! Happy to meet you!" tweets the celebrity mum.

Kris later tweeted an appeal for Khloe's understanding:

"Good luck tonite @KhloeKardashian on XFactor!!!!! I love you I wish i were there but in Australia with @KendallJenner! #can'tbeeverywhere!"

Khloe's co-hosting gig on X-Factor is a deal that Kris had reportedly sealed when things were falling apart, reported TMZ.

Kris Jenner looks forward to partying down under

The 16-year-old Kardashian sibling has also been busy flaunting her figure on Twitter since arriving in Sydney.

Kendall tweeted, "touchdown in Australia, and the work begins! interviews on interviews then party tonight! #Nomad2Worlds."

The young newbie actress may be obviously looking forward to partying, but she does not fail to send her older sis a shout-out: "good luck on #XFactor tonight @KhloeKardashian !!!!"

Kendall on Thursday posted this photo to Instagram. Her image caption says, "Day 1 #outfit," which relates to her first day of activities in Sydney.

Kendall Jenner flaunts figure in Sydney. The young TV actress posted this photo to Instagram.

From "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Kendall expands her TV exposure via CBS' Hawaii Five-0. Her acting debut will be broadcasted within the month.

The buzz is on for the Jenners in Australia. Here are some sample tweets:

"Kendall and Kylie just hang around in different countries and get their nails done and go model and here I am trying to find time to shower" - @mirk4t

"Just saw @KendallJenner and @KrisJenner at the airport!!! They both looked flawless!" - @KardashUpdates

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