Kris Jenner Suffering From Bruce Jenner Sex Change Madness: Led To Split?


Bruce Jenner sex change rumors have been doing rounds on the media for a while now. Though there has been no confirmation regarding the same, the reports suggest that Bruce Jenner feels that he could finally become a woman after splitting up from Kris Jenner.

So is this the reason why Bruce Jenner parted ways from Kris Jenner?

According to reports by, Bruce Jenner called it quits with Kris Jenner because he always wanted to turn into a woman. Apparently, his wish to turn into a woman was a major impetus behind his breaking up with the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" momager.

"The major life change would have been impossible while the former Olympian was living with his wife, Kris Jenner, but now that he's single he wants to be as close to a woman as possible," a source revealed to

Bruce Jenner sex change rumors have gone rampant since he was first spotted leaving Beverly Hills clinic after an alleged Adam's Apple Surgery. And its not only the Adam's Apple surgery which has shocked the world but also Bruce's new feminine features like his new ombre hair, diamond studs and manicured nails.

A source further tells the Web site, "Bruce looks back at his past fondly, but he is doing what he is doing with his facial surgeries and other changes because he is interested in his future. And that future is to be as close to a woman as possible. It's embarrassing to the family, he knows that, but he has to live his life, not Kris's life anymore."

It seems Bruce Jenner does not care about the fact that what his family thinks. Reportedly, his daughters Kendall and Kylie are confused by their father's look and they have become a butt of joke amongst their friends.

"The ridicule aimed at Bruce's looks on social media has also taken a toll on Kendall and Kylie," the source told Radaronline, adding "Kendall continues to spend time with her dad, while Kylie hasn't been hanging out as much with Bruce, unless it's for filming."

Let us know what you think about Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner's separation. Do you think Bruce's sex change was the reason for split?

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