Kris Jenner is So Over Bruce Jenner: Kardashian Mom Reunited with Boy Toy?

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Looks like the mother of the Kardashian brood is so over her estranged husband Olympian Bruce Jenner. In pictures published by the DailyMail, the 58-year old was seen tenderly embracing her rumored boy toy Ben Flajnik in Calabasas last Thursday. The two have long rubbished the rumors about their romance despite showing the opposite-Kris Jenner and Ben Flajnik have spent an awful lot of time together following the split of Kris from her husband Bruce Jenner.

Last Thursday, the pair was pictured heading to a small hole-in-the-wall sushi restaurant near the 58-year old Kardashian's home. It was obvious in the published pictures that Kris Jenner was beaming with glorious positivity as she remained close to her rumored boy toy Ben Flajnik. Jenner was all smiles during the "date," hinting at a possible full recovery from her divorce from former Olympian Bruce Jenner.

The two got allegedly close, with the momager's lips, close enough to sneak a kiss from the much younger companion. However, the pair left the onlookers to guess as they were careful enough not to let fans misconstrue their actions. Jenner was spotted in her signature black attire for the rendezvous while Ben looked more laidback in his T-shirt and jeans ensemble. Jenner finished off her black leatherette attire with large reflective aviator shades.

Jenner ditched her wedding ring, as seen from the pictures that were published. Meanwhile, the new episodes of the reality show which features her brood "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" have plummeted in viewer ratings. Could the divorce of the Kris and Bruce actually be a ploy to boost viewer ratings?

Khloe Kardashian, daughter of the momager, is also battling an impending divorce from basketball player Lamar Odom. The reason of the divorce includes Lamar Odom's alleged drug use. The NBA player, however, expressed on the reality show his love for Khloe. Kim Kardashian also married athlete Kris Humphries though divorced him as well after a short span of time. Kim is currently engaged to rapper Kanye West. Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the bunch busy themselves with their clothing line.

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