Kris Jenner Sex Tape VIDEO Leaked, Smelly Stalker Came Face to Face With Kim and Got Caught

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A man who reportedly "reeked of body odour" was caught by the police after he sneaked past Kris Jenner's gate and peered into the windows from outdoor grounds of the mansion. "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star

Kim Kardashian saw him running off and called security, who subdued the man a couple of blocks away from the house. TMZ reports that the man told the law enforcement that he was Kendall Jenner's boyfriend and Justin Bieber's stepbrother. He was taken into custody and placed on psychiatric hold. The authorities are still investigating if the man is the same stalker who was extorting money from Kris Jenner.

Kris Jenner faces a sex tape scandal after an unknown man claimed to be in possession of a nude footage of her, threatening to leak it online. Radar Online reports that Jenner is desperately using all means to avoid this sex tape extortion plot and has even sought help from the law enforcement.

"Initially she thought it was only a joke because she knew it could not be real," a source close to the Jenner-Kardashian family said. "Obviously, she would not allow herself to be taped like that. At first, she just ignored it." However, the unidentified man would not easily let go. He is willing to sell the video to the press unless he receives money. "He called Kris over one hundred times in the last seven days, using more than 100 different phone numbers," the source revealed. "He uses scrambled mobile numbers. He called more than 25 times (one Sunday)!"

It is even more terrifying that the 58-year-old matriarch is being watched. "Kris thinks he could be following her," the source said. "She went out to eat and got a text from the man saying 'Are you enjoying the restaurant? This man knew where she was." Because of this, the family drastically tightened their security and Kris did not have a choice but to release all information to law enforcement and to their family's private investigator, Gavin DeBecker.

"They are looking at their options. Unsurprisingly, everyone is worried," the source said. On Mar. 3, Khloe's home was burglarized, where $250,000 worth of her belongings were stolen. Not long after, Kourtney's home was also broken into and $50,000 was taken. Officials now work on the case on an ongoing basis, speculating that the robbery may have been an inside job.

Radar Online also claimed that an individual has contacted the publication saying that he was in possession of Kris Jenner's sex tape. However, when questioned, the man couldn't present any proof that the video existed. Kris Jenner's daughter, Kim Kardashian, rose to fame in 2007 after her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J. got leaked on the Internet. Kardashian is now engaged to rapper Kanye West, who has referenced the sex tape in one of his latest songs entitled "Clique," rapping, "My girl a superstar all from a home movie."

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