Kris Jenner Reacts on Lamar Odom And Khloe Kardashian Divorce : 'Slam The Door on Your Old Life With Lamar Odom."

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Now that Khloe has officially filed for divorce from NBA star Lamar Odom, Kris Jenner feels that the former should "Slam the door on her old life with Lamar Odom."

Reportedly, Kris Jenner is aware of all the sufferings Khloe has gone through since Lamar took to drugs and she feels that her daughter deserves to move on. Khloe and Lamar recently sold off their mansion, which was located in Tarzana, California. Momager Kris has taken this as a positive sign and she thinks this decision will help Khloe sail faster towards a new life.

A source close to Kardashians told, "Kris told her once everything is out of that house that she no longer wants, once it's time for her to really be done with that place, Kris told her to 'walk through that front door, slam it and never look back."

Khloe's fans are also happy to see that Khloe has finally taken a hard decision of selling her and Lamar's former love nest. Those who have been keeping tab on "Keeping It With The Kardasahians" episodes would know that Khloe was immensely attached to her home and selling it off is one of the toughest decisions she has taken so far.

Apparently, Khloe still has emotional attachment to he property but she is doing everything possible to put the past behind her.

"She's already taken her most prized possessions and personal belongings from that home," a source reveals to "She would rather have the movers go in there and pack up everything so she won't have to step foot in there. But she knows she's got to do one final walk through."

It is sad that Khloe is going through so much emotional turmoil. She recently posted an emotional message on her Instagram saying that in this world it is difficult to be yourself.

"The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else."

Let us know what you think about Kris Jenner's advice to Khloe. Should she slam the door on her past life with Lamar Odom?

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