Kris Jenner Gets Slammed by Bruce Jenner for Using Marijuana

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TV Personality Kris Jenner (R) Talks with Reporters as She Arrives for a Party Thrown by Google and the Hollywood Reporter, on the Eve of the Annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, at the W Hotel in Washington
TV personality Kris Jenner (R) talks with reporters as she arrives for a party thrown by Google and the Hollywood Reporter, on the eve of the annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, at the W Hotel in Washington, April 27, 2012. REUTERS

Kris Jenner is the family matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and has always been the rock that kept the family together. She is also almost always the voice of reason but in this week's "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," she gets told off by Bruce Jenner for using marijuana!

M.J. Shannon, Kris Jenner's mom is in town visiting the family and she is shown around by Kourtney in the new home that she shares with Scott. While there, M.J. points out that it's a good thing that Kourtney's guest room is in the ground floor because she won't need to go up and down the stairs.

J.J. reveals that she has osteoporosis and the bone ailment is making it hard for her to move around and she is in constant pain. She is also seen in the show walking around with the help of a cane. Kris reveals that M.J. had already survived Breast and Colon cancer and now she is suffering from the bone ailment.

Kris decides to take matters into her own hands and thinks of possible solutions to alleviate her mother's pain. She gets the idea to look more into the use of medical Marijuana for pain management and sees a specialist who could enlighten her.

While speaking to the doctor Kris discovered that medical marijuana has been used for cancer and HIV patients for years as well as for pain management. She tells the doctor about her mother's case and also reveals that she has been suffering chronic neck pain for years. In the end she obtains a prescription and heads out to the store to purchase the paraphernalia.

Kris has a blast shopping for a pipe and other things that she could give her mom to help her ease into the use of medical marijuana. She then discovers that there are a wide range of products and some even come in her mom's favourite leopard print.

When Kris tries to bring up the idea to M.J., she is dumbstruck when M.J. reveals that she already has a prescription for medical marijuana and in fact has some magic gummy bears that are laced with marijuana. She says that her doctor also believed that it could help her manage her pain and also help her appetite. M.J. then invites Kris to try it with her and see if it alleviates her own neck pain. Kris agrees and they both eat the gummy bears.

An hour later the two women are on the couch munching away at chips and dip as well as some muffins. Bruce Jenner walks in and is infuriated by the presence of the marijuana in the house where his teenagers live. 17 year-old Kylie Jenner still lives with Kris and 18-year old Kendall has just moved out but still frequents the house. In the end, while Kris and M.J. think that Bruce is a buzz kill they agree that he probably has a point and should keep the marijuana out of the house.

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