Kris Jenner Faces Health Scare After Flaunting Figure in Bikini

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Kris Jenner had to rush to the hospital on Wednesday for an immediate health scare. The momager scared her fans when she went to the hospital due to some internal pain.

"She went to the hospital for some internal pains she was having, and also got a scan for precautionary reasons," revealed a source to E! news.

Jenner wanted to keep the details of medical check up under wraps.  Fortunately, reports have suggested that Jenner is absolutely fine and there is no immediate threat.

"The Keeping Up With The Kardashains" star is known to take care of her health.

"She lives healthy. I send food to California for her every day, and she follows my diet," said Chef Rocco DiSpirito, regarding her diet.

The food sent to Jenner by the chef is particularly cooked to keep her weight in check. Jenner was also recently seen rocking a bikini during her vacation in Thailand.  Regarding her figure she told KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show hosts, "God knows I try! The older you get, the harder it is. I love to work out and love to feel like I'm in shape and I like to feel good about myself."

Meanwhile, Kris Jenner has hired 24-hour security guards for her all round security after a stalker broke into her home last month. The stalker claimed to be Kris' daughter Kendall's boyfriend, and Justin Bieber's stepbrother.

According to, the Jenner's Hidden Hills home will now be protected by the armed guards in two separate vehicles, which monitors the property and detect any unauthorized entry

Let us know your thoughts on Kris Jenner's health. Do you think she should be more concerned about her health than her looks?

Meanhile, Kris Jenner's daughter Kim Kardhashian will tie know with beau Kanye West this May in Paris.

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