Kourtney Kardashian's Split with Scott Disick Looms as the Latter Take to Drinking and Needs Rehabilitation-Reports

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TV Personality Kim Kardashian (R) and Her Sister Kourtney Walk in the Street as They Visit Fashion Shops in Paris
TV personality Kim Kardashian (R) and her sister Kourtney walk in the street as they visit fashion shops in Paris, May 22, 2014. U.S. television personality Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West will celebrate their wedding in Florence over the weekend, an official from the mayor's office confirmed last Friday. REUTERS

Kourtney Kardsahian is reportedly having problem with her baby daddy and long time beau Scott Disick. As per the reports Scott has again taken to his drinking addiction and needs to check into rehab to get immediate help. However, if he doesn't check out in the rehab then he may have problems with the relationship he shares with Kourtney, as suggested by reports.

Meanwhile, it has also come to surface previously that Kourtney has problems with Scott's partying addiction and in May 2014's episode of "KUWTK" she had revealed that she doesn't trust Scott. On the show the couple was also seen going for marriage counseling sessions.

"I feel like I just need to either move out until she wants to hang out, or call it what it is, more of a friendship than anything else," Scott had said to therapist about her relationship to Kourtney as per the Hollywoodlife reports.

Moreover, Kourtney has also confessed in her previous interviews that she has commitment issues.

"First of all, I have realized that I have major commitment problems during this pregnancy. 'I'm really claustrophobic, and all my issues - and I have a lot of them - they all stem from this thing. I can't commit to anything... but I love Scott, and he is my partner", she said as per DailyMail when she was pregnant with her daughter Penelope.

Kourtney had also suggested that time that she is committed to Scott and loves her deeply.

Apparently, source close to Scott Disick suggest that his drinking problems are related to his parent's death as per Celebdirty Laundry reports. Much recently, Scott was drugged by someone at the club in Hamptons. He went to the hospital for same and was told by the nurses that he has had alcohol poising as per the TMZ reports.

However, if Scott has allegedly taken to drinking again then problems could rise between the couple. Scott and Kourtney are yet to comment on this.

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