Kourtney Kardashian Learns that Scott Disick Used to Be Banned from Khloe's House

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A deleted scene from "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" reveals how Scott Disick was, at one point banned from entering the home that Khloe Kardashian shared with her now-estranged husband, Lamar Odom.

The deleted scene, which has been posted on the E! Online Web site shows Scott and Kourtney discussing plans for their own new home where Kourtney wants to build a tennis court. In the course of the conversation, Kourtney reveals how Khloe will be vacating her house which has now been sold and she will subsequently be moving in temporarily with younger brother, Rob Kardashian.

Scott expresses his feelings about her moving out of the house and mentions how he used to be banned from going there back in the days when Khloe absolutely despised him.  He tells Kourtney that her move to a new house feels like it's going to be home for him too now that they actually get along and feel like they are really part of the same family.

In earlier seasons, Khloe used to call Scott a sociopath who has a destructive personality and she has appealed to her sister Kourtney to end the relationship in numerous occasions.

A change of heart began to show during an incident when the sisters and Scott were out in a night club and a fan's girlfriend started to verbally attack Kim after she caught her man talking to Kim and asking for photos. Scott came to Kim's defence and got in a fight. Kourtney arrived back at their table from the ladies room in time to see him being dragged out by bouncers. She was furious but Khloe and Kim came to Scott's defence stating that he didn't cause any trouble like he used to do when he was out drinking but instead was actually protecting Kim.

Nowadays, the two have been shown going out together and getting along splendidly well. Now that Khloe is single and back in the dating scene, she's out to have more fun and Scott and her seem to be getting along quite well doing silly fun stuff together like they did earlier this season when they went out on a food truck run in Scott's mobile office.

Kim also had her own issues with Scott and even hired a private investigator behind Kourtney's back to investigate Scott's activities and tried to catch him doing something wrong. Scott and Kourtney found out about it and caused a major fight which forced Kim to move out of the place they were renting in Miami at the time. Everything was eventually resolved when Kim revealed to Kourtney that she was pregnant with baby North West and the big news and her difficult pregnancy brought the family back together.

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