Kobe Bryant On Verge of Losing ‘Black Mamba’ Brand, As Floyd Mayweather’s Uncle Filed For Trademark

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Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant might lose the right to use the moniker 'Black Mamba' on his brand, as former boxing contender and trainer Roger Mayweather filed a trademark application in an attempt to give him the sole right for the mark.

TMZ reported Roger Mayweather's application is in the final stage of locking the trademark name, preventing other athletes - including the Lakers star - from using it.

"TMZ Sports has learned ... Roger Mayweather -- a former boxing champ turned trainer -- filed a trademark application with the U.S.P.T.O. hoping to win the rights to the mark, "Roger 'Black Mamba' Mayweather," according to the site.

"According to official documents, Roger is in the final stages of locking down the trademark ... which he intends to use to brand his boxing empire (personal training, coaching, etc)."

Mayweather, who served as the former trainer of pound-for-pound champ Floyd Mayweather Jr., claimed that he has been using the Black Mamba trademark ever since he was fighting. He stressed that he got the name after watching a nature show concerned about reptiles.

"FYI -- Roger says he gave himself the nickname years ago after watching a nature show about reptiles," Mayweather claimed according to TMZ.

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Kobe Could Lost Mamba

After thorough research on the part of TMZ, they reportedly found out that Bryant's camp did not make any step to trademark the Black Mamba brand.

'But get this ... when researching the trademark claims on "Black Mamba," we couldn't find any evidence showing Kobe has ever tried to trademark the name for himself. We did find applications for condom brands, carbonated drinks, male enhancement products, spinal implants, cigars and more ... but nothing from Bryant," TMZ stated.

Kobe's Black Mamba logo has been all over his products, including his Kobe system shoes and apparels. Losing such trademark to Mayweather could cost millions of dollars, making it a serious issue for the star's representative.

In fact, Bryant recently posted a video showing different products with his Mamba logo on it. One of which is on a Kobe Beef - perhaps the most expensive kind of beef in the world.

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