Knicks Trade Rumour: ‘Manimal’ Headed to the Big Apple for Key Playmaker

By @IBTimesAU_Sport on
Knicks are rumoured to be brewing up a deal involving Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried Reuters

The New York Knicks are planning to acquire Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried in exchange for key playmaker Iman Shumpert.

The Knicks, which are currently on tenth spot in the East, are desperately looking for an energy guy down low that could provide them the needed spark as they push for a playoff slot.

While the "Manimal" is seen as an important component of the Nuggets, they could do without the presence of the explosive big-man, with the likes of Wilson Chandler and JJ Hickson more than abled to take his place.

On the other hand, Denver will be getting an athletic and fierce defender, who could make shots from the perimeter and take the ball to the hoop.

Both Faried and Shumpert are tied with their respective ballclubs until next summer before turning into a restricted free agent, which makes it, pretty much, a fair deal.

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