Kiwi Soap ‘Shortland Street’ Fans Devastated Over Sarah Potts’ Death

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“Shortland Street” fans are mourning the death of one of their favourite characters. The Kiwi soap opera shocked its viewers after Dr Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) died from a virus on Monday.

Sarah first appeared on the show in September 2004. She arrived as a love interest for Craig Valentine (Renato Bartolomei), but was given a more compelling storyline after it was revealed that her younger brother was in fact her son. Her eventual romance with TK Samuels (Benjamin Mitchell) was one of the most popular pairings in the show.

She was written off in late 2010, but returned after a few months.

On Monday, less than a month before her 10th anniversary in the show, Sarah met her untimely demise.

Sarah learnt that she was infected by the deadly virus that has been plaguing the hospital when she was cut by a contaminated syringe. She locked herself in the lab to find a cure, and although she was successful in doing so, it was too late for her.

She admitted to TK that her Multiple Sclerosis has returned, which has compromised her immunity from the virus. Although TK was reluctant to allow Sarah to work while she herself was in danger of succumbing to the virus, he allowed her until he couldn’t wait for her to get treatment anymore. She collapsed just as he barged into the lab.

He was by her side when Sarah’s conditioned worsened and had gone into cardiac arrest. TK was devastated when she couldn’t be revived anymore.

Tributes from devastated fans on social media have poured in after the heartbreaking episode aired.

Some joked about avoiding being TK’s wife, referring to his first wife Roimata Ngatai who also died in the 2013 Christmas cliffhanger episode. There were also those who made light of the situation, saying people are going to be shocked when they see Billing alive in real life.

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