Kiwi Inventor Creates meMINI, Camera With A ‘Gift Of Hindsight’ [VIDEO]

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Kiwi entrepreneur Sam Lee has developed a camera that has a “gift of hindsight.” Armed with a unique feature called Recall technology, the small, wearable camera can record without saving footages until a button is pushed.

The Wanaka Snow Park ski facility founder spent six months co-designing the meMini, which is described as a “tiny, lightweight and simple-to-use video camera that captures a moment after it’s happened and instantly stores the footage in the cloud, to be edited and shared later,” as per the product’s press release.

Mr Lee took the prototype invention to the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its manufacture.

meMINI has been developed with the help of Ben Bodley from the Auckland specialist camera design company Teknique, as well as Blender Design and the lab at Auckland University of Technology.

The revolutionary camera is attached to clothing with Magnatech, a specially-designed magnetic backing plate, and captures footage with its Recall (R) technology. It also captures looped footage, adjustable from five seconds to five minutes, and can preserve and save moments for sharing in the cloud with its software.

The camera has a 1080HD camera with image stabilisation so it can constantly roll while worn.

“I decided to create meMINI after years of being frustrated with traditional ways of filming, having to trawl through hours of unwanted footage just to find that one ‘stand-out’ moment of the day,” he said.

“Or if I had managed to capture that moment, by the time I got round to editing and sharing the video, the moment had passed.”

And with that in mind, he created meMINI so he can hold onto moments and share them instantly.

“It’s the only camera that allows you to experience the gift of hindsight and is perfect for families. It captures your experience, not the experience.”

Mr Lee and Mr Bodley need USD50,000 to fund the manufacturing of the first 1000 cameras. They are asking pledges from $1 upwards through the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. They plan to have meMINI retail for USD249.

The meMINI Kickstarter campaign ends on February 4. As of the time of writing, it already has 143 backers and $21,827 pledged.

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