Kiwi Actor Rhys Darby Takes Kyle Sandilands’ Role In ‘Modern Family’

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Kiwi comedian Rhys Darby has been spotted filming with the “Modern Family” cast in Sydney. The 39-year-old actor is said to have scored the role Aussie DJ Kyle Sandilands had turned down.

Earlier the week, Sandilands revealed that he was offered an integral role in the upcoming Aussie episode of the U.S. sitcom. However, he had to turn it down because he was “too lazy” to devote his free time to filming.

“I’m no actor,” he explained to his radio co-host Jackie O. “I never tried to do acting. I never even wanted to do TV, to tell you the truth, because they take so long.”

He didn’t reveal what his role was, but said that it was an integral part.

With Sandilands out of the episode, the role was allegedly nabbed by Darby, who was seen filming with Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson around Woolloomooloo and the city on Wednesday.

Stonestreet and Ferguson play gay couple Cam and Mitch respectively in the show.

According to The Age, he is believed to be playing a TV talk show host named Fergus who is friends with Cam and Mitch. Fergus also acts as the couple’s informal tour guide while the family are holidaying in Australia.

Darby is best known for playing Murray Hewitt in the HBO series “Flight of the Conchords.” He also appeared in the film “Yes Man,” and is in the New Zealand horror comedy film “What We Do in the Shadows.” He won the 2012 Fred (Dagg) award at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival for Best NZ show.

The cast of “Modern Family” are in the city to film a one-off episode. Production will run until February 28, and will include locations such at Hayman Island and the Whitsundays.

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