The Kiss That Was Well-Planned, Watch 'Breaking Bad' Actor Bryan Cranston Kiss 'Veep' Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus [VIDEO]

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One of the major highlights of the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards was Bryan Cranston kissing "Veep" Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus when she was on her way to receive her third consecutive Emmy for her HBO's show. The actress won the Emmy for outstanding actress in a comedy series for "Veep." It is her fifth Emmy win.

Bryan, who bagged the outstanding actor for drama series Emmy for AMC's "Breaking Bad," and Julia have previously worked together in "Seinfield." The kiss gag started when Bryan and Julia went on-stage to co-present an award, according to Los Angeles Times. Bryan reminded Julia that he played her character's love interest in an episode of "Seinfield." The actor played Tim Whatley in that episode. Julia pretended that she does not remember.

Revealing the details about the Emmy kiss, Julia told the press, as quoted by Los Angeles Times, "When Bryan and I were talking on the phone about what we were gonna do for the presenting bit we were sort of going through it -- and then it dawned on me as we were speaking that this would be a nice Part 3 of the group."

Julia revealed that she first asked her husband if he was okay with that, while Bryan too took his wife's permission. Their respective partners were okay with the kiss gag.

"... Obviously, I might not have won. That was very stiff competition. So we worked it so that the presenting stuff would hopefully have worked on its own," Los Angeles Times quoted Julia as saying.

When the press put the question to Bryan, the actor said, as quoted by Los Angeles Times, "Well, I think it's not a question of why, but more a question of why not?" And when the press said that the video will go viral, the actor said, "Are you saying she has a virus that I'm not aware of?"

Julia thought that the kiss was "pretty good" and she said that Bryan "went for it. I appreciated that. He goes for it in everything he does."


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