A Kiss Too Far? New Openly Gay NFL Player Michael Sam’s BF Vito Cammisano, Who is His Hot Swimmer Lover?

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Michael Sam has made history after becoming the first-ever openly gay athlete to be drafted in the National Football League (NFL). Sam remained the focus of sport headlines, not only for such significant feat, but also by the public display of affection he had shown when he kissed his boyfriend Vito Cammisano on national television. Public display of affection between same-sex couples can sometimes be a little revealing. The simple kiss Sam and Cammisano shared might be a little too far for some prying eyes, but before the "kiss" grows in complexity even more, let us get to know Cammisano more.

He attended that same school as Sam's and was an athlete too

Cammissano is a swimmer. In high school, he was a member of the Kansas City Blazers swim team. He also swam for Rockhurst High School. In college, Cammisano went to the same school that Sam studied in, which is the University of Missouri. He also became a member of the University Missouri swim team and had represented the university in a number of competitions.

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He has a degree in communications

Cammisano studied communications as seen on his Facebook page. He previously worked at the University of Missouri's office of Disability Service before working as an intern at Cumulus Broadcasting, LLC.

He revealed his true sexual preference in 2011

Cammisano came out to his swim team in 2011. His coming out was inspired by Greg DeStephen, the first Mizzou who came out. "I'm completely appreciative that Greg did everything he could to make that possible for people that came after him," Cammisano told Newshallonline.com on the topic of zero anti-gay sentiment that DeStephen created.

He constantly posts pictures of him with Sam on social media

The whole world is probably just starting to get a glimpse of Cammisano now because of all the media hype after sharing a smooch with Sam, but he has always been active on social media. He maintains accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and he constantly updates by posting pictures. It is not known when Cammisano and Sam officially became a couple. He only started pictures of him with Sam in February. One thing is certain, Cammisano and Sam have been dating for quite some time now.


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