The King vs. The Black Mamba: LeBron James and Kobe Bryant Memes [PHOTOS]


Just when thing were about to end during the NBA All-Star game yesterday at the Toyota Center in Houston, Kobe Bryant shows LeBron James how things are done inside the basketball court.

It was "The King" versus "The Black Mamba" on Sunday night at the spectacular NBA-All Star weekend. During the East and West game, LeBron James got what he asked for. Although LeBron played in a much elevated level, it was nothing that Kobe Bryant can't handle. Kobe was able to block "The King" twice which resulted to a 148-138 win for the West.

Kobe who is known for his defense skills showed that he still is one of the best defenders in NBA. And it is actually not very often for any player to roof over or block LeBron, but what Kobe proved is that it is  possible.

"I don't know if it was signature. I'm known for my defense. I can defend. I'm pretty smart with my defense. I don't know if it was signature, though," Kobe said during an interview after their win.

Meanwhile, what does LeBron have to say with Kobe's impressive block? Well the Miami Heats player said that he was not surprised at all that that Kobe guarded him towards the end of the game.

 "I am absolutely not surprised. It was all in good spirit. It was just two guys who love to compete, love to go at it. It was a lot of fun," LeBron said.

Erik Spoelstra, the East coach, said that he too was not surprised by the display of sportsmanship that was displayed by Kobe during the game.

"That's what those guys live for. That's what we were all hoping for, was at least this game would be close going down the stretch so there would be some compelling basketball, and there definitely was for the fans," Spoelstra explained. 

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