'King of Pop' Has a Doppelganger? Find Out Who He Is!

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Drug Overdose
A recent report has revealed that deaths due to overdose of drugs such as heroin are becoming exceedingly common among the teenagers and young adults. In Picture: Michael Jackson allegedly developed an addiction for an anesthetic called Propofol, which ultimately caused the King of Pop's demise. Jackson was just days away from his world tour when he succumbed to a drug overdose. Reuters

Fans definitely cannot get enough of their idol, the original "Billie Jean," Michael Jackson. Jackson, labeled as the "King of Pop," succumbed to his death on June 25, 2009 because of propofol intoxication, according to reports. The "King of Pop" was just busy preparing for his "This is It" concert when authorities found him dead on his bed at his rented mansion in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles.

Despite the abrupt and untimely demise of the "Heal the World" singer, he might have passed on his genes to yet another Jackson kid-that's right, according to E!Online, Michael Jackson has a love child as reports of a 31-year old singer surfaced. Brandon Howard, a 31-year old aspiring musician strikes an uncanny resemblance to the late "King of Pop." According to the news outlet, Brandon Howard matched 99.9% of Jackson's DNA, as proven by the head of Beverly Hills dental surgeon.

Dr. Joseph Goodman, the assigned Beverly Hills dental surgeon, confirmed to the public that Howard had indeed 99.9% of the same DNA material as the late King of Pop. The tests were conducted through the dental device that was previously owned by Michael Jackson which was put up for a bid at a certain auction. Howard shares the same facial muscles, hair, skin color and many more. It is hard not to believe that the 31-year old is not related to the late singer-the facial appearances are just so similar.

 "It seems a lot of people are speaking on my behalf, so I'm going to keep this short and simple...One, I did not call TMZ, I didn't put out a story, nothing. Two, I never proclaimed to be his son. Three, I am definitely not suing the estate," said Howard when asked about what he feels like about his relationship with the Jacksons.

"I have been taken care of very well and also I make my own cash... It's true I had a DNA test, but this had nothing to do with any of this, I swear on my life," revealed Brandon Howard further the news to the outlet. 

Check out Michael Jackson' alleged love child here: Brandon Howard

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