Kim Zolciak Shares Secret for Her Astonishing 50 Lbs. Weight Loss in Just Nine Days

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American singer Kim Zolciak shared in a new interview the secret to her astonishing weight loss of 50 lbs in just a matter of nine days after she delivered her twins Kane and Kaia in 2013.

In an interview from E! News, the proud Mom of six shared some interesting insights on how the body works why she gained 50 pounds with her third baby Kroy Jagger and just before delivering the twins.

For one, she primarily credited the role that genetics play in her situation.  Reason number two,  she explained that the twins took every little morsel of food she eats.

"I made two human beings at the same time and I gained 50 pounds. Which I gained 50 pounds with KJ, so the twins, I think they took it from me," she stated.

So how did she manage to shed off the excess pounds afterwards?

In a report from OK! Magazine, the 36-year old Mom said that she lost 42 pounds right after she gave birth. That is, after the two babies, two sacks, and two placentas came out.  The rest of the weight she lost, Zolciak credited it to workout, Xenadrine, breast-feeding, and walking.

The "Don't be tardy" star stated that her husband Kroy Biermann worked out during the rehab of his sports injury, and that he also trained her out.

Kim Zolciak also admitted to E! News that she donned a piece of cloth which resembles a home-made girdle for six weeks. With that, her stomach was wrapped around tightly making it flat as a board.

With her successful weight loss, the former "Real Housewife of Atlanta" star revealed to Life & Style magazine that she is ready to put on her bikini back.

"Now  I'm between a size 2 and a size 4," she happily stated. She did not get on the scale but she confided that her clothes fit again.

Tough she luckily did not get stretch marks or other post-partum issues that are visible, Kim Zolciak also admitted to E! News that she had hernia after she gave birth. For that matter, she consulted a plastic surgeon.

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