Kim Sears: British Fashion’s New Duchess Kate [Slideshow]


Kim Sears has been with tennis player Andy Murray for almost eight years now, but never has she been under as bright a spotlight until Murray's historic Wimbledon win on July 7. Just like the Kate effect - the Duchess of Cambridge's amazing ability to sell out any clothing item or accessory she's photographed in - Kim is starting to make major ripples in the business of fashion.

So what's so special about Kim Sears's style? Like Catherine Middleton, the 25-year-old Brit has a signature look, starting with that perfectly blown out, glossy hair easily spotted even from a distance. No wonder Andy zooms straight towards her for that post match kiss. And should someone be so inclined, The Daily Mail reported that "The Kim" can be yours upon request at U.K. hair salons. Kim also loves mixing high and low pieces, a knack she shares not only with the Duchess of Cambridge, but with other street style icons like model Miranda Kerr or socialite Olivia Palermo. When Kim stepped out at Wimbledon on July 1, her hothouse floral dress was no designer dud, but a find from fast fashion brand Zara. During the tournament, the Spanish label got a lot of love from Kim. On Wimbledon's first day, she looked sharp in a blue Zara blazer, a color-block blouse, blue jeans, and a classic Mulberry tote in pale pink. And the floral Zara dress? It is now sold out.

But, it's not all Zara, Topshop, or Aldo for Kim. She and Andy have been known to get all dressed up for their front row seats at Burberry fashion shows. Naturally, she wore the iconic British label for the Wimbledon Champions Dinner in London. Kim looked long and lean in a flattering, embellished bodice dress. On the final day of Wimbledon, Kim wore a heat-defying, long-sleeved, lace number and nude wedges. The mint green Victoria, Victoria Beckham dress is now, as noted by The Daily Beast, on a waitlist, and if there's one word that signals the rise of a new fashion favorite, it's "waitlist."

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