Kim Novak Bashed for Cosmetic Alteration of Face: Did she Deserve Hatred at Oscars?

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Kim Novak became the victim of media rants as soon as she stepped out on the Oscar 2014 red carpet. Who and whose of the Hollywood industry were in sheer shock after looking at her unrecognizable face at the award ceremony. However, fans of the iconic star feel that it is deeply saddening how the media can be insensitive to a star who has appeared in the some of the most memorable film of our times.

Novak started her film career with "Picnic" and rose to fame after bagging the role of Judy Barton in Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo." From there, her fame just sky rocketed. However, not recognizing her contribution to Hollywood cinema, the haters took to social media and made fun of all the cosmetic procedures she has gone through to maintain the tautness of her skin.

Regarding her plastic surgery procedure, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Brent Moelleken told "Either can be disastrous and irreversible. Most Hollywood ladies who 'age gracefully.' It's sad. Ms. Novak has apparently had silicone injections or overaggressive fat injections to her face, actually do so with subtle plastic surgery that keeps them looking younger and 'refreshed'.  If they try too hard to look much younger than their age, they will have a bad result."

Not interested in how Novak looks, her fans came to defend her on Twitter. Even Rose McGowan tweeted a beautiful pic of the yester year's star and captioned it as: "Kim Novak! No standing ovation?! Self-obsessed and disrespectful, that sums up the Oscar audience."

"You are all lucky that she graced you with her presence RT @rosemcgowan: Disgusted by the uneducated twits that make up the audience at this year's oscars. Gross. It's Kim Novak, a-holes. #EDUCATEYOURSELVES," added McGowan further.

Kim Novak indeed deserved an applaud at the Oscars for the kind of stardom she enjoyed in her time. It is sad that how a person looks is more important over the things he or she has achieved in a lifetime. Let us know your thoughts.  

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