Kim Kardashian's Trainer Tracy Anderson On Radical Post-Baby Weight Loss [VIDEOS]

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Since Kim Kardashian gave birth to daughter North West in June she has hardly worked out, as she is putting needs of daughter North ahead of post baby weight loss.According to Kim's personal trainer Tracy Anderson her recent media hyped post baby slim body mages were photoshopped.

The fitness guru said that in order to focus on bonding with her daughter North West she is not working out and she revealed that already knew that Kim is going to be great mother and will easily adapt to motherhood.

"Kim is taking as much time as she wants to just be with the baby. She's not even concerned with working out. Kim is amazing as a mom, she's so connected. I knew when I was training her she would be a great mom. She was concerned with all the right things," said Tracy.

"Yes. Little North is beautiful, she's got the most beautiful skin," added Tracy about baby North West.

Soon after the birth of North , Anderson, in a report by, said: "It's a tough time, and a lot of women feel like it's a huge mountain to climb to get back, but Kim, surprisingly, has had the totally opposite reaction to other moms. She's like, 'We're going to be so good. its fun, I feel great!' She just loves the whole process. From our talks during her pregnancy, I thought she was going to be really concerned about her weight once the baby was out, but she's just not...She's in baby heaven. She's excited to get started, but she's really calm about it all."

Anderson (who has two kids: son Sam, 14, and daughter Penelope, 15 months) has seen enough transformations with 15 years of training experience with celebrity moms to know that the weight doesn't come off in a matter of days or even weeks, despite the fact that drastic celebrity weight loss after pregnancy is glorified in the media.

"It's insane. I don't think the public is even fascinated with it. I think they know it's not real."

"Those photographs aren't even real. I see these people all the time and I'm like, 'That photo was not from then,' or 'That was severely airbrushed,' or 'That head was put on somebody else's body.' It's the most evil trick that women play on women."

Though she flawlessly toned figure at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, she said "even with everything I know it took time to get back."

"There's something really wrong with us trying to manipulate people into thinking that celebrities have some secret that other women don't have," Anderson said. "Or there's some superhuman unnatrual force that they were given that they just bounce back." Anderson said in an interview with  at US Weekly's Most Stylish New Yorkers event at Harlow in Manhattan.

She said giving tips on postpartum weight loss "You cannot put a timeline on it. ... The worst you can do as a new mom is to say, 'I'm not losing it fast enough, I'm ugly now, my body's gone to hell, I'm going to start juice cleansing, I'm going to stop breastfeeding because I don't think the weight's coming off fast enough' -- No."

Post baby weight is the curse women around the globe inflicted with and to get back the pre-baby slim figure is the innate desire of all new mothers, so we have compiled best of Tracy Anderson's tips on postpartum weight loss:

1. Stay connected to the baby as the newborn is the first priority. "Stay connected to what you feel is the best path for you and the baby and do the workouts as best you can."

2. Eat well and drink plenty of water . "The most important thing is, hopefully you're nursing, and you have to make sure your breast milk is healthy."

3. Keep in mind: Everybody is different so weight loss time period would also vary with individual. "What matters is that you're smart enough to grab the tools it takes, give yourself the time and when your doctor releases you to work out, that you actually do work out. And if you're doing that, you can't put a timeline on it -- you're doing the best you can do."

4. As Steadiness is the key so be consistent with your diet and exercise routine. Whether you're a new mother or not!

5. Don't castigate yourself for what you did or didn't eat during pregnancy. "A pregnancy is not the time to diet, it's not the time to not listen to your body. You're creating a whole other life. I ate Arby's during my pregnancy!"

So all new mothers follow the expert instruction and stay healthy ,informed, and connected to your newborn.

Watch the videos of Kim Kardashin's postpartum weight loss and Tracy Anderson tips on postpartum weight loss below:

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